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About P90X LIVE


There are 4 Blocks: Cardio, Upper & Lower Body resistance training and a block that focuses on the Core. P90X LIVE is not just about strength, it’s about being fit and part of being fit means having a strong, stable core and being able to move functionally in a variety of planes of motion.  All of these aspects have been integrated into P90X LIVE.

P90X LIVE uses principles from personal training and functional strength coaching. Taught with dumbbells, resistance bands and/or body weight, it is the closest to PT in a group setting.  Plus the motivational presence of your class mates will help push yourself further.  As well as being an effective workout, it promises to be fun!


This workout is going to constantly challenge your body and promote change and improvement…which is ultimately what we all want!  It is perfect for those already doing INSANITY LIVE and wanting to step it up a gear, yet it is also designed to be a programme that will allow new people to come in and build up their fitness and feel successful.

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